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At Hutchison Lea ConneXions we treat your information, all of your information as strictly 

confidential.  If we listed our clients here, then while it would make us look good it would also be a serious breach of each and every NDA that we sign with all of our clients.  None of our clients shall ever be listed full stop.


The first step of every business relationship starts with reading reviewing and understanding our NDA, which comprehensively covers yourself and ourself from any breach of your sensitive information.

Our Word

Our Founder has spent the last 25 years in a highly sensitive business, where has has been entrusted with information that could, if it was ever made public have significant implications on the future of the company he has worked with.  And he has never, not once in doing business for 25 years ever had a breach of confidentiality.  


If you are a business owner or someone who is thinking about getting funded through HLC, then rest assured that your information is safe with us.  How is it safe?

All information that is shared through HLC is always downloaded from its digital copy and transferred to a local computer, where it is stored on a local server.  Who has access to this local server, without exception our Founder has access to it.  In some cases there maybe Associates who are part of the deal making process, however our Founder is so concerned about the issue of confidentiality that he keeps the digital copy.  It is kept in a secure environment and has multiple layers of protection.

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